Jari Luomakoski , Senior Lecturer, Ph.D. (Econ)

Dr. Jari Luomakoski is a senior lecturer at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences specializing in international business and service marketing.  He is teaching both in English and Finnish degree programs and in eMBA program. He is also actively supervising both master’s and bachelor’s thesis. Before taking the teaching position at Haaga-Helia he was a degree program director at the same school and in charge of BBA adult program.

Dr. Luomakoski received his doctorate, D.Sc.(Econ.) from Jyväskylä University, School of Business in entrepreneurship in 2012.

Dr. Luomakoski has been a Fulbright Scholar in Residence in North Central State College in Shelby, Ohio in 2014, and he has also been a visiting scholar at Purdue University and has worked as a vocational teacher.  His research interest is in startup business, and especially their success and failure factors.

Prior to his teaching career Dr. Luomakoski held executive positions in e-business ventures both in B2B and B2C fields, was an entrepreneur in international trading, import-export businesses and construction business.

Dr. Luomakoski holds a position as a lay judge in Helsinki district court.

He is married and has two adult children and two grandsons.